I couldn’t draw them in a more serious way because they’re too cute °3°

unsafe-spaces asked:
Eugene Sims innnn #4, please?? :3

marsiesinclair asked:
Leo in 17, please? Thanks


flyingmicho asked:
Yusuf in 16?


Anonymous asked:
what do you use for poses and body references?


thedernboy asked:
did you hear fetch is getting her own dlc?

image… yeah, I know that but please, I don’t have a PS4 so… this kind of questions… they just… hurt really much…

yay i’m alive!


captain pizza and doctor baguette!!

Let me add a thing.

(via marcepanowapani)

It’s the 14th july so Arno was not an option.

the 2 a.m. sketch is a cute liz with a shotgun. My so dear and beloved shotgun. I couldn’t have survived in Bioshock Infinite without it. Every girls need one of those in their bags.

ladies in the sketchbook.

hatsuhauringu asked:
CoNNOR #10 pls


sorcerer-supreme-pizza asked:
Charles Vane in 17 8D?