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A few Master & Commander doodles collected during the past days.

A dear friend and I wrote a fanfiction about Yusuf’s early life that is going to end soon and I’ve just realized that I’ve never made a good picture of the co-protagonist Ràhel Ciprian. So here it is! :)

Gallery with more illustrations: link
Read the story here (italian only, sorry): link

a quick thing with Elise before going bed.

I don’t have any excuse for the great delay about this fancomic but well…

Yusuf voice telling “Mentor!” right now in my head.

doodling ~

I re-drew an old sketch about Rosa :3
Watch the before/after meme here: http://fav.me/d7vfrh6

Anonymous asked:
What brushes are you use for drawing in Photoshop? Can you tell me what their density and size?

Man, there is nothing special in my brushes! :)
I only COLOR digitally, so I use photoshop CS6 basic brushes with various opacity changes and this little extra that I found long time ago on the web, and I don’t remember the artist :(


That’s all :)

"The false Shepherd good father and the Lamb girl.”

Ok, now this really makes me laugh because Booker is like: “Don’t try to touch my baby or I…” and Elizabeth doesn’t look like Elizabeth but well…

please not again. YES. ENEMY FACTIONs ROMANCE.

a long time since I wanted to draw Axe. °3°

Pour la liberté!
(my french knowledge ends here)

Anonymous asked:
I love all your art and your style! Do you have any news on your I:ss comic?

Thanks, mate! :)

About the comic, here are all the news I have:

I’m gonna post original characters informations and covers soon, because I have to say a few personal things about this project :)

Thanks for asking!