'night, my friends.

badass Anne Bonny to celebrate the arrival of Black Sails to Italy, yay!

instead of sleeping.

silly captain.

Anonymous asked:
you still serves requests? Because I'd love to see Delsin and Fetch wearing some fancy thing. <3


I almost tried.

she’s so perfect and my art is not .-.

templar ladies are cool °^°

See more drawings: http://fav.me/d7z0qtg

I urgently need money to make some “upgrade” to my art stuff, so a few months ago I did a poll asking if someone would be interested in buying one or more of my originals and here we are!
I hope prices won’t scare you, but I’m really attached to all my works so I had to decide them so high due to do not regret they’re gone. Note me if you’re interested, for any doubt or also negotiate the price, when possible.

1) Pink rated drawings also go with a printed and signed copy of their colored one, when there is one.
2) If the original of the drawing you are interested in is not here, you can point it to me from my DA or tumblr gallery and I’ll look for it in to my folders. Then we’ll talk about the price.

Thanks for your attention and support!

A few months ago I’ve been selected to be part of this really special project called Coloraptus. I were asked to make an illustration with brown as main tone and… visit the FB Coloraptus project page to find previews, infos and, much important, BUY A COPY! It’s for a good thing.

Thanks for your support!!! :)

-What’s Coloraptus?
Coloraptus is a project that unites 35 international artists for a common purpose: fighting against leukemia.
-Coloraptus preorder:
Content: 38 exclusive illustrations!
Size: A4, soft cover
Price: 12€ (instead of 15€, preorder special price only!) + shipping
How to preorder: Send an e-mail to coloraptusproject@gmail.com
listing: Your name - number of copies you wish to purchase - your address - your paypal (so that we can require the payment)

I was going for Martin but then… well… *poof!* Daud.

An Arno & Elise chibi long-post because YES.

Conduits and humans, I’m glad to annunce you that the fan comic it’s finally done!

I don’t know how a fan comic should be published so I just opened a secondary tumblr and put in there all the comic.


I was getting really tired to work on this comic, lately, so you can easily detect the good from the bad pages. I know there’s no background and backstory, but when I imagined it I wanted it to be not really a comic-kind, but more like a storyboard-kind.

I can’t explaine why, but I became very attached to InFamous: Second Son, even if I played just once or two times at friend’s home, and this comic is the largest tribute I’ve ever done for a game. I hope you enjoy it :)

I’m gonna print a few copies soon for personal and friend’s joy and who knows what happens next…

Before leaving I just wanted to apologise for the long waiting after this comic and thank all the ISS fandom and all my followers in general for their support and appreciation to my work! <3

Thank you!

littlesnowcat asked:
I'm not sure if you take requests at the moment but, if you don't mind, could you pretty please draw Aveline from AC Liberation? If not, that's fine :)


I apologize if I pretend to try different tecniques of drawing when I draw requests.

Shay again.

Anonymous asked:
Ac Rouge fanart please?


Sorry for the late, dear anon.
I’m not really excited for Rogue.
But Shay looks nice °3°